Anonymous asked:

sweet and what measurements/information would you need in order for me to take you up on the offer?

I’d need the size from the underworks website, which has measurements on it. Currently I could only afford the ones that are ‘as low as $28.33’, just specify the one that you would prefer.))

Anonymous asked:

is your binder giveaway only for specifically trans peeps or genderqueer as well?

I’d like for the binder to go to someone who has dysphoria and can’t afford one, so no, it’s not trans man specific.

Also, again, if I could get three people the same size I could buy three and help out three people instead of one!

Anonymous asked:

two questions about the binder giveaway 1) do we need to be following you and 2) would you mind shipping to canada

Of course you don’t need to be following me! Also, I live in Canada, so I have no problem shipping things in my country)))

Hope you have a good day!

I tried to come out to my mum (again) and she blew up on me until I cried. I felt so stupid, but I know how I feel.
I’ve been feeling like this for ten years, it’s not just something I ‘decided’ to be.

Oh good news! I just bought my first binder, and I was wondering if there were any men out there that didn’t have the means to buy their own binder (that preferably don’t have one yet) that really need one? I have some funds now and would like to spread it around. :)) Just shoot me a message

Shiiiiiiit I have no idea what name I want to use. My friends use ‘Mercer’ as a girl’s name and I’ve become hella uncomfortable with that. I’ve kicked around Cody, but a guy named Cody beat me up in high school, and I’ve recently really become attached to the name James? So I could be James Thomas?

I’m just really confused and I don’t know what to do about it.

Any help?