Binder Giveaway Information

Hello everyone!

Concerning the binder giveaway, I’ve found that the common size for the people that have messaged me is medium. I will be ordering three of these binders in a few weeks (once I have more money available). Feel free to keep messaging me about binders, because I would love to help more people in the future.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

Anonymous asked:

Hi, I love what you're doing for everyone that's very nice of you! I kind of entered but i notice you kinda refer to the possible winners as "guys of the same size" which sort of makes me feel like i have less of a chance being non-binary. would it be too much trouble to ask that you use a neutral term?

Sorry! I just use ‘guys’ in my everyday speech for man, woman, child and everything in between!))) You have no less chance being non-binary, and I will try to use a different term, even though I do mean it as gender neutral, if that is something that makes people uncomfortable.

Hope you have a great day!

guardianclover asked:

Hi, i think it is wonderful that you are doing a giveaway like this and i was wondering if i could enter? i dont know how you are choosing people out of everyone who wants to enter but um, i would like to. do you have any more information on how exactly you are going to do it?

Hello! Thank you! I’m trying to get three guys the same size together so I can bulk order, other than that it is literally just ‘hm, I think this dude really needs it’ which sounds really fickle.

My only ‘limitations’ is that the person entering doesn’t have the means to get a binder themselves, and they experience dysphoria. I’m more likely to choose guys that have either aged-out of the free binder giveaways or the centres that give away binders, because they really have no other options.

Anonymous asked:

wait, are you having a binder giveaway or is it if someone asks ? ;;; because I'm in need of a binder (gender queer)

I guess it is technically a giveaway since I’m giving the binder away, but all you have to do to ‘enter’ is send me your underworks size off anon. I’m looking at ordering the tri-top or the 997 (which I just ordered and it is fantastic, I would recommend if you don’t have a flat stomach)

thatonetransguy asked:

Hey, I saw your post about probably getting trans guys in need a binder (if I didn't misunderstand it). Uhm, is that still up to date? I am a 16 year old FtM from Germany, I get little to no support from my parents and I can't get a binder via the internet (I can't pay online). Unfortunately I am so large chested that I can't bind with layering nor with sport bras :(

As a fellow large-chested guy I understand that pain. I will warn you that the binder will not get you completely flat, if that is what you are looking for, but it helped me with chest dysphoria.

I don’t mind sending the binder anywhere in the world, I don’t think that it’s that expensive anyway. The only thing is that maybe warn your parents that you are getting a ‘compression garment’ that will make you feel more comfortable, or something to that effect. That’s how I got my parents used to the idea.

I’d need your size and I’ll write it down on my little list.

thatnerd-ontheinternet asked:

Hi I was interested in the binder thing and I was wondering what info you'd need from me (that is if youre still doing it that is :P)

Hello! Thank you for the message. I’m still doing it, though it’s going to have to wait until I get paid again (unforeseen expenses happened). I need the size of the underworks binder - which, again, I can only afford the cheapest ones - and your address.

Also it’d be great if you stated your preferred name, since I’ll probably write a letter or something to go with the binder. Haha, I’m a bit of a sap.